Toy Safety Tips for Babies

Toy Safety Tips for Babies

Toys are some of the items we give to our kids without a hesitation. But even when buying toys and letting your kid play with them, there are some safety precautions you have to take for the safety of the child. Here are some toy safety tips that will assure a safe play time for your babies.

Careful Shopping

Toy shopping cannot be taken lightly. You need to consider the age of the kid before buying something. Or else, not only will you end up in buying something the kids will never be able to play with or you might even by accident something that is not safe for their age. If you cannot find the right gift even after considering both the preference of the child and their age, you can always try to buy personalised baby gifts and bring both protection and happiness to the child.

Read Instructions

Never ever ignore the instructions on the label or the handbook of a newly purchased item. This includes toys too. The label or the handbook will let you know the precautionary methods you can take when giving the toy to the kid, such as to which age group you shouldn’t give the toy and how to put together the toy or the game. There is always the chance of wrongly put-up toys falling off and risking your child choking on fallen pieces.


Until your kid come to an age where they understand how to handle their toys, what and what not to do with their toys and what and what not to put inside their mouth, it is always recommended to supervise them. If your house has kids, then never leave them unattended. Always have a parent or any other adult, an elder sibling or even a babysitter supervise them all the time, including especially, the times they play with various toys.

Store separately

If you have kids of various age group at your home, it is better to sort them and store them separately. Some toys are designed especially for specific age groups so sorting and storing them separately will not confuse your kids. Never keep the toys of the older kids with the younger ones. Keep the toys of older kids put in containers that your toddlers cannot reach and teach the older kids to put away their toys after playing.

Get Rid of the Packaging

Once a new toy is opened, throw away the plastic wrappers, bubble wraps and other packaging material as soon as possible. They can get stuck in the mouth or nose of kids and create suffocation. Small kids like toddlers are in the habit of putting each and everything in their mouth or nose if not watched carefully. Even the plastic wrappers placed over the nose and mouth is equally dangerous when it comes to small children as they will not understand how to take it off themselves.

Throw Away Broken Toys

If a toy is broken, the best to do with it is throwing it away. Check the toys often for any broken, split or splintered parts. Do not keep these around. Not only will the broken parts be a choking hazard with small children but also there is the risk of kids being injured due to broken or loose parts or even sharp edges. Buying new toys is the better option.

Toy safety is not just for infants and toddlers. Keep in mind that it is something to be considered even when children with special needs are concerned as well.

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