Tips to Protect your Child from the Summer Sun

Tips to Protect your Child from the Summer Sun

Experiencing summer heat waves as an adult is a daunting thing, but knowing that your child is experiencing it the same way might be a little more worrying. Here’s how you can make sure they don’t get dehydrated.

Hydrate, and Keep them Hydrated

Climate change is a very real thing, one that is evident through the harshness of our summer months. Most countries closer to the equator are facing heatwaves, which unfortunately is affecting their children the most. Even if your country does not have it so bad just yet, do your best to keep yourself hydrated. At the same time, make sure your little ones follow suit. Remember, your children are very impressionable, and setting an example is the best advice!

Time their Outdoor Playing

In truth, you cannot keep them indoor the whole day. Not only will it make them bored and restless (which will result in them driving you insane), but it is also not recommended as the physical activity and the fresh air is more beneficial for their health. Instead of banning their outdoor hours, consider timing it so that they don’t play outside in the hottest hours of the day. If your logical reasons are met with their tears/tantrums, get creative as to why they cannot go out during this period.

Open up the Umbrella

As a parent you are programmed to do your best to try and protect your child from any harm; even natural elements such as the sun or the rain. And while this may be possible some times, most times this is a fruitless attempt. If your back yard has a play area for your children (either an open yard or set up with swings, slides) we suggest you purchase a shade similar to that used at temporary car ports. There are Outdoor shade sail Perth that will work really well to protect your children from the sun and heat. And it will keep their slides from getting overheated as well!

Have a Cooler on Hand with their Favorite Juices

Most children hate having to take a break from their games; especially if their hours’ outdoors are limited. This can also be true when they are frolicking in a pool¾where they’d prefer getting dehydrated than going indoors for a drink. Having a cooler with their favorite juices and water bottles close by will eliminate this problem. It will also encourage them to stay more hydrated¾in a more subtle manner.

Encourage Indoor Playing During the Harshest Hours

You cannot simply tell your children to not play outdoors. You may be successful during school days (when they are in school for the most part of the day). But during vacations, especially summer holidays, they’ll be out of the doors before you can catch them. Instead of arguing with them, consider inventing and introducing them to a few indoor games. It is best if you can join them in their play to make it more interesting for them. This will not only keep them occupied, they’ll also look forwards to spending time with you¾working as a family a bond building exercise.

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