Tips for Applying for a Teaching Position in Australia

Tips for Applying for a Teaching Position in Australia

Teaching jobs are abundant in Australia. The problem is, employers don’t usually find the right teachers. Part of the issue is bad applications. When you apply for a teaching position in the country, here are several tips to keep in mind:

Provide Specific Responses to Advertisements

Never respond generically to vacancy advertisements. For example, if you are responding to an ad you see for teaching jobs Brisbane, make sure your response includes specific information regarding the qualities the ad posters are seeking. For example, if the ad wants primary school teachers, respond with your experience and academic qualifications in this area, as well as any specialities. Read vacancy ads carefully to see what the recruiters are looking for. You will only get hired if your response aligns with the ad. Do not send the same CV to all potential employers. Customise your CV to the employer to increase your chances of getting hired.

Understand the Employer’s Requirements

As with all jobs, you will have a better chance at getting hired if you understand what the potential employer needs. If a school advertises for a teacher in a certain area, don’t take the ad at face value. Learn more about the potential employer, and try to research the demands of the job. This will help you better answer job interview questions as well.

Apply During the Right Time

If you apply for a teaching job in the middle of a school term, your application would most likely go unseen. So plan your applications, responses, and requests in advance keeping the Australian school calendar in mind. The first terms of schools start in January or February, so you need to apply several months in the previous year to have your application considered. Don’t forget the holidays either. The best time to apply for teaching jobs is considered to be around September. However, teaching jobs are open throughout the year. Depending on when they become available, apply well in advance.

Research the Schools before Directly Applying

If you are directly applying to a school without necessarily responding to an ad, do research the school in advance. Schools often get teaching vacancies without necessarily advertising them. You may be one of the lucky applicants to get a call if your CV is already with the school recruiters. When you apply out of the blue like this, understand what the school might require in the future. Make a case for yourself and tell the school why it should hire you. Be as specific as possible. When there’s a vacancy next time around, your chances of getting considered at least will be high.

Be Location Flexible

Don’t limit your options just to one location. Understand, you might want to work where you currently live. But jobs don’t always follow you, you might have to follow the jobs. So, when you apply, make sure you don’t restrict your options to one city or even a state. Do tick the box that allows recruiters to consider you for rural areas. The more location flexible you are, the more likely your will be able to get hired.

Follow the above suggestions when responding to recruitment calls, and you will have a good chance of getting hired.

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