simple rules to follow when setting a reward system in your company

simple rules to follow when setting a reward system in your company

A company usually has set reward systems that their employees can take part in. These systems help recognize people’s hard work and motivate them for greater productivity and effectiveness. Or it could simply be to appreciate their work and give them a pat on the back for a job well done. Different organizations use different methods of rewarding their employees, it could be through bonuses and salary increments or through a simple gift. Find out below some ways in which you can reward performance and boost morale of your employees.


Determine a budget

The pricing of your reward system is crucial so it is important to first set aside the annual budget for employee rewards. Keep in mind to assign portions of this budget to the different programs that will take place in the organization throughout the year. Some factors to consider would be to identify the motivation behind the program. Do you want to reward increase in sales or excellent customer service? You can get corporate gift premiums through specialized gifting partners that will help you customize them for your organization.

Monitoring reward programs

It is vital to follow up on how the program works and get feedback from your employees on how they feel about the type of reward they get. The easiest way to get honest feedback is by distributing a survey and finding out their suggestions and thoughts. Some questions can be with regard to the types of rewards, the frequency of them and the difficulty or ease in obtaining them. Monitoring the reward systems correlation with the productivity and sales of the company will give you insights on if it is a working strategy and how you can make further improvements.


Setting rules

A well-structured reward system can be extremely effective in getting the company its desired results as well as keeping their employees happy and motivated. On the other hand, a poorly structured system will have negative consequences on the business. In order to mark the eligibility in requirements and make sure they are consistent and fair, you must have strict ground rules applicable to all. A simple example would be to reward the employee who has got the highest sales for the month. This ensures transparency, clear criteria for the employee to understand and eliminates any form of favouritism. This also gives a clear time frame for the employee to achieve their target. Make sure that everyone is aware of the eligibility and how they can qualify and earn the set rewards, this way everyone has an equal chance of winning.



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