Promoting Healthy Eating With Your Kids

Promoting Healthy Eating With Your Kids

What is scarier than the fact that a majority of adults today are struck down with all sorts of diseases brought about through poor eating habits, it is that the next generation is also heading down the same path. Parents who are incredibly busy at work and running the family, often neglect to provide their kids with the right information and advice. Once in a while they might cook up a wholesome family dinner, but otherwise, anything goes. This is not a good habit, so here are a few ways in which you can promote the exact opposite with your kids. Even if it makes you unpopular with them.

Plan Ahead

Plan the week’s meals in advance. Perhaps on the weekend. And get your kids involved too. Do not make them feel like you are regimenting everything. If they insist on curly fries for dinner, explain to them why that is not an option. Instead, tell them about all the good things that can happen if they eat up their vegetables. Like being able to play better and not falling sick which means they will be stuck indoors. Have a cheat meal once or twice a week so it balances things out. This will cheer them up from what they think is a bleak life ahead.

Get Creative

Your kids may not understand what Otway free range pork means exactly, but they will certainly understand it if it is served with a side of delicious mash. Here is another way to get them to eat their vegetables. Come up with fun ideas like making a smiley face with the omelette or a little forest with broccoli. Kids are more focused on things like that, and it actually works. You just need to put it in a more creative, imaginative way and they will gobble it right up. You can look online for inspiration if you feel your creative juices are running out.


Introduce New Foods Gradually

Kids are quick to turn their nose up at foods that are not a patty in-between two slices of bread, so you have to be careful how you approach them. As any parent knows, feeding a child healthy foods can be a nightmare and you have limited energy so conserve it! Look at introducing them to new foods slowly but gradually. They are allowed to not like something, but they are not allowed to turn their back on the entire plate. Make sure to only introduce a little bit at a time, to see how they take to it.

Monitored Treats

If they are adamant about not finishing their healthy dinner, then you can be just as adamant about cutting out any treats for a week. That threat is usually enough to make them eat up even if they are sulky about it. If they do eat up, then you can allow them to have an ice cream, some cake or candy. They will soon understand the system, and since there is a reward at the end of it, will feel more motivated to listen and obey.

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