Motherhood and Your Psychology

Motherhood and Your Psychology

Motherhood is pretty much a whirlwind of a time. You will be busy, tired, happy, sad, annoyed and frustrated yet so content and loving al at the same time. For you as a mother the upcoming months are going to bring in many challenges but with time you will grow to love those challenges and develop as a person to give your child the best safety and love that you humanly can. However, in order for you to be a happy mother who has an equally happy baby, it is essential that you pay attention to your mental health and watch out for anything that is not right. Here are some things for you to be mindful about as a new mom.

Post-Partum Depression

Post-partum depression is a condition that is very common with mothers all around the world. But the nature of this is such that you will not realize you are going through it. Therefore, in the months leading up to your delivery, keep an eye out for any warning signs that you may have PPD. Understand that nobody is to be blamed, not even you and having this condition does not make you any less of a mother. In fact, it gives you the chance to be stronger and wiser for your baby. Some of these symptoms would be feeling sad, lonely, irritable and overwhelmed. You will feel like you seem to be crying at the drop of a hat and you will also have reduced appetite and inability to sleep. If you feel that you tick the boxes, talk to your doctor. In fact, there are certain pre-delivery foods like fish that doctors recommend all moms to have at least twice a  week to reduce the risk of PPD.

Feeling Guilty

Your body is going through a roller coaster of hormonal changes and you will be experiencing many sleepless nights along with a sense of losing your former freedom. The truth is that mothers are human too and you happily give up a certain lifestyle in order to be a mom. But that should not stop you from trying to look after yourself. How will you be there for your baby when you are sick? There is no guilt in indulging in some lovely pregnancy frocks or buying things like maternity bras that will give you better comfort. If your partner offers to keep an eye on the baby, take a long and hot shower and relax. Get a massage if you can. All these little things that you do for yourself will keep you healthy and happy.

Letting Your Childhood In

As was said before, motherhood is a complete chaos of emotions and therefore it is not uncommon for your childhood experiences and dreams to creep up on you and influence your parental decisions and what choices you make for your child. For example, just because you loved purple when you were small, does not mean that your baby needs to as well. It is important to understand what you experienced and what you lost as a child and not bring that into your baby’s life.

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