Keeping Your Felines Happy and Healthy

Keeping Your Felines Happy and Healthy

All kitties love to be taken care of. Being one of the most common house pets they do need a lot of care. Even though they love to take care of themselves, we know for a fact that they do need to be cared for in the right manner so that they stay healthy and happy all the time. Not only are they fun to have around, even though you cannot take them for walks per se they do a great job entertaining the human companions in their own lazy way.

If you have a kitty at home then make sure that you keep an elevated place for them to do their watching from, they love this and feel very content being able to view everything from their high vantage point. Then the added benefit of such a pet is they do take care of intruders from the rodent family. So you basically have a sort of lazy guard in the house. Now here are some tips on how you can keep them happy.

They Need Their Own Personal Stylist

They love to be pampered. In addition to making sure that you have given them their shots and regular check-ups you do need to take them to cat grooming Maddington to give them a good brushing. Since they don’t like to be meddled with too much you should start this while they are still young so they get used to it. The professionals also know the different brushes that you need to use for the different parts of the animal. They also have different brushes for different cats. If you have a fluffy kitty then you might want to do this daily so that they get used to it and also to keep their fur from getting tangled. Soon enough you too will learn to do this at home whenever you feel it’s necessary.

Reward Them for Being Patient

When they have managed to sit put during the brushing and washing, you should give them a little treat. This way they will learn to understand that they are loved and also will start to look forward to the brushing sessions. Making sure that you always understand their feelings is important. If they look agitated don’t for anything. It is best to give them time and let them slowly learn things your way. Rewarding them will help them have good memories of their last brushing session and make it easier for the next time.

Eyes, Ears and Nails

Making sure that their eyes, ears and nails are all kept well in good condition is necessary. Most times you will find that you don’t have to do much. These animals pretty much keep themselves clean. They scratch their nails on rough places to trim them, they clean their eyes and ears pretty well too. But if you find that your kitty is under the weather you will see that they have not cleaned themselves well. Then you will have to step in and take them to someone who knows what needs to be done.

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