How to Start Eating Clean

How to Start Eating Clean

You have most likely heard of term clean eating being thrown about in the recent past, and have also most certainly been curious about it, but are less sure of what exactly it entails. Though most of you probably scrunched up your noses when reading the topic, it is actually really good for you. Problem is, only a handful of people have been able to adhere to this sort of lifestyle. The key is to introduce the change in your diet slowly. Do not try to cut out the things you love to eat immediately, you will be miserable and give up by the second day, which is how these good intentions are often cut off in their tracks. So here are a few options you can look at that can help.


Bring In More Vegetables

Sounds like quite an obvious one, but though many people know they should eat more vegetables, less are entirely sure why. They know that they have many benefits, but are less clear about what these benefits are. Well, as it turns out, fresh produce is loaded with essential fibre that is useful for the good bacteria living in your gut. Additionally, vegetables are essential for lowering high blood pressure, controlling cholesterol and staving heart disease to name a few. Needless to say, these are all chronic diseases that need to be stopped in their tracks, and vegetables are a simple way to do that.


Cook Fresh

Many people assume that cooking at home means 100% healthy food, but this is not necessarily true For instance, if you cook with lashings of oil and heavy cream, that is not exactly healthy. It all depends on the ingredients that you use, and spices play a big role here. In fact, spices not only add colour and flavour, they have immense health properties. Take turmeric powder vs curcumin for instance if you want to compare benefits. Turmeric is renowned the world over for its anti-inflammatory properties, and curcumin is a substance that is found in turmeric itself.


Plan Your Meals

Sure it might be easier said than done to plan meals in advance, but if you do spend about half-an-hour to an hour every week planning your breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day, life becomes easier. It also reduces the likelihood of you whipping up something completely unhealthy when you get home late from work sometimes for instance. If possible, cook on the weekend and freeze all your food so all you need to do is prep it up when you want to eat.


Swap Certain Foods

When it comes to clean eating, it is actually all about a few changes to your lifestyle that have a major impact. For instance, instead of depending on refined sugars, why not opt for bees honey? It is natural, pure, and absolutely delicious, not to mention utterly good for you. It is packed with health benefits, which have been touted for centuries. In the same way, look for other alternatives and give your kitchen a revamp of sorts.

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