How to Pair Your Hats with Proper Clothing

How to Pair Your Hats with Proper Clothing

You would not believe how much there is to learn under the topic ‘hats’, it has a tremendous amount of history behind it and to understand how the hats have evolved over the years is something everyone should look into. Hats have turned from something worn to cover our heads from the sun to an accessory needed to complete an outfit. There was a time where women were forced to wear hats and gloves under the perception that women who wore hats and gloves were more respectable. But in this generation wearing the proper hat with an outfit is simply a fashion statement you make and of course to cover your face from the sun, maybe.


Baseball Cap

When you think of a baseball cap the obvious thought that comes to mind is a baseball player because generally, this type of cotton cap is what they wear on the field. From just being placed on baseball player’s heads, this cap has evolved and made its way out of the athletic field to the general public. Each baseball cap sold either represents different types of sports teams, sayings, companies and even countries.

The baseball cap has contributed many ways to today’s fashion, such as, you can dress down a cute outfit, which consists of a fancy dress and heels by adding on a baseball cap. Mostly in trend nowadays is a leather baseball cap, which looks super chic when paired with a black bodycon dress. Lastly, the best way to carry off a baseball cap is by wearing a t-shirt dress with white vans at an actual baseball game, how about that!

Cocktail Hats

Apart from an actual cocktail party, these types of hats are worn for weddings, charities and often worn at horseracing events. A cocktail hat is also commonly known as a fascinator. In the past years, a fascinator was used to determine someone’s status, and it was most regularly seen put on by royalty. But times have changed, now anyone who pleases and is confident enough can choose to wear a cocktail hat.

There are many shapes, styles, and colours of cocktail hats available, if they are not accessible at shops near you then use your Internet and search for fascinators online, and you will find a wide range of hats available for you. If you are attending a wedding then make sure to pick out a dress that is not in any shades of white, as it’s the bride’s day and you do not want to overshadow her. For weddings it is necessary you pick a hat that is vibrant and fun, to celebrate the happy occasion and make sure the hat is not too big. It is also necessary to make sure that the colour of your hat and your outfit coordinate.

For horseracing events, you can wear colourful outfits or even monochrome. It is more appropriate to wear knee-length dresses with small sized fascinators, but always remember that even if the hat is small it can be well styled by choosing one most appropriate for the occasion!


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