How to Find the Perfect Nappy Bag

How to Find the Perfect Nappy Bag

When you are shopping for a nappy bag, there are no right and wrong choices – you buy what you like and what suits your needs.  But there are some tips to help guide your decision to ensure you get a bag that will last and look smart while doing the best possible job for those baby essentials.


Interior and exterior

The first thing to consider is the material – is it going to be hard wearing, last for at least a couple of years and look good while doing its job?  The exterior of the bag is about the looks in part but also the resilience of the material.  The last thing you want is a bag that gets wet easily, making it heavy and soaking the contents so materials such as leather are good while waterproof coatings on other fabrics are ideal.

Likewise, when you visit a nappy bag store, you quickly realise that the material of the interior of the bag is also important.  Again, you want at least some of the pockets to be waterproof so that if any little spillages happen, they are contained within the pocket.  Also, a balance between easy access and zippered pockets can be a great help.  You will quickly see that some things you want to be able to get at quickly and others you don’t need to worry about – such as watching where your purse or smartphone is while you are out shopping.


How does it help you?

Look at the bag and ask yourself – how does it help you?  The waterproof exterior and compartments, for example, help you by keeping everything inside dry.  A zippered compartment keeps valuables safe while open compartments allow easy access.  But what about the other elements of the bag and the accessories that it contains?

Many bags will come with accessories including changing mats, insulated bottle holders, wet item packets and more.  But how do these help you when you are out with the baby?  Ensure that the accessories are things you would use, otherwise you are paying for a bag that is only half-useable.  And make sure that the straps supplied are the styles you need – the best nappy bags will come with stroller straps as well as shoulder and cross body styles.


Author Bio:

Garima Manishi is a learn as you go mum who also has online store.  As a mum to a little boy of eighteen months, she has first-hand experience with picking those early baby essentials.  And working in a store that sells baby goods, she also sees the dilemmas that mums and dads go through picking the right accessories and equipment.  Her store is a combination of the two experiences to help parents make informed choices!

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