How to Design the Perfect Jungle Gym

How to Design the Perfect Jungle Gym

In the days of the old, there were very few to no jungle gyms for kids. The reason is that there was so much free and safe space. However, this has changed today and whenever we take our children out, we are left with looking for areas in which they can just be free and have fun to their heart’s content. What if you could design your very own jungle gym that would help your child and the children in your community as well? If you feel that this is a good idea, here are some tips to help get you started.

It Needs To Have an Inviting Ambiance

The ambiance or the vibe of the jungle gym that you design needs to have attraction for people who see it so that they would want to come and stay for a while there. It should not look like a training compound. Depending upon where you are located you can look for the right gear as well. For example if you are in Australia, look for some good playground equipment Sydney to get this started off with.

Let There Be Enough Space for Exploring

There needs to be some amount of exploring that will get the children who visit to like the area. One great way to do this is to get really creative with the placement of your gear. For example, you can hide a swing behind a tree or maybe a see-saw behind a slope so that the children have to find it out for themselves. You can also use toys that do not have an obvious use at first and will take brainpower to get working which will intrigue the child. Leave enough room for creative interpretation.

Take Manageable Risks

A jungle gym has to be safe of course but not boringly so. Actually, you ideally should have manageable risks involved as having fun for kids means that they get to push their limits and discover new skills as well. However, do not get too brazen with the choices that you make. If after climbing to the peak of the climbing frame, if the kid only has a rope bridge to come down and they are afraid of it, there will be an issue. Install a slide down as well so that they have the options.

You Must Cater To Many Groups

A jungle gym must not be confined to just one group. It needs to have that dynamic nature about it that makes it fair game for anybody who wants to have fun. For this you must involve various activities. For example having a swing, see-saw and slides are all great for little kids. In the meantime get thinks like climbing frames, rock climbing accessories, baby pools and others to bring in a lot more diversity. A few cool and shaded spots will be ideal for adults to have a coffee and watch over their kids too while mingling with other parents who come over. On the other hand you can also install various gear for different age groups and put up posters that indicate it clearly to avoid any clashes among little kids and slightly bigger ones.

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