Festivals in Australia that You Shouldn’t Miss

Festivals in Australia that You Shouldn’t Miss

Not only being famous for its picturesque, world renowned landmarks and exquisite travel locations, Australia also plays host to a wide array of famous festivals, filled with festivities and fun. These festivals will allow you to connect with the different cultural aspects of Australia and will grant you the opportunity to have great experiences that are sure to last a lifetime. Here are some of the most famous Australian festivals that you should attend, at least once in your lifetime.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

First up is one of the three main comedy festivals in the whole-wide world, i.e. the Melbourne comedy festival. Just like the other ‘Just for Laughs’ festival in Montreal and the festival fringe of Edinburgh, the Melbourne comedy festival offers a unique blend of stand-up comedy and fun-filled comic events that features the best of both local and international comical talent. This festival is sure to tickle your ribs and make you have a good laugh for sure.

The Sydney Festival

With the ability to attract a massive crowd of 500,000 (approximately), the Sydney festival is clearly one of the front-running festivals in Australia. Usually held annually on January, the festival’s hundreds of diverse cultural events are known to feature a wide array of programs, from Russian theatre to burlesque circuses that you can enjoy with your whole family. You will be able to listen to great music, feast your eyes upon beautiful visual arts and even don costumes, from dance costumes Australia shops and dance the night away for as long as three weeks.

Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival

Last but not least, this community festival which is held on the ‘Labor Day’ weekend is all about the celebration of good food and delicious wine. This festival is held in Brisbane and is a heavenly occasion to whomever that love, not just seafood but other scrumptious, delicacies as well. And even though it usually lasts only one day, this festival is sure to kick your senses into overdrive with its fine food & wine and even with its live band music.

Many people visit Australia to enjoy the famous sights like the Sydney opera house, the Great Barrier Reef, etc. But if you are lucky to be able to participate in any one of these awesome festivals, it will surely make your visit a truly worthwhile one.

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